Tomorrow’s Kitchen, Quick Skewer XL


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Skewering food for barbecuing can be messy and time consuming. That’s no longer the case with the Quick Skewer XL. It’s a very practical device that lets you skewer meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, even marshmallows, in a hygienic, easy and safe way. Open the Quick Skewer and place your ingredients in the tray. Close the Quick Skewer and insert the skewer into the opening, gently pushing it through the food and out the other end. Open the casing and your skewered food is ready to be cooked and enjoyed. After cleaning, the Quick Skewer can also be used the other way around in order to remove food from the skewer. After use, the Quick Skewer can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Quick and easy skewer threading
  • Ideal for meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and marshmallows
  • Easily remove food from skewer


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